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Mira Laime
Not many Turkish speakers on hand eh? ;)

By the way, is it just me, or have Chats been disabled across some Interlanguage Wikis? Here, the Korean Diep.io Wiki, & the Hungarian Diep.io Wiki all have Chat disabled when I swore they used to have it enabled. Is chat no longer enabled by default perhaps?
It should still be enabled by default - my guess is that the admins there just happened to decide they didn't want it anymore. I'm not aware of any staff involvement in this case.
Perhaps, but I checked the WikiFeatures logs on those Wikis & it shows they weren’t disabled. Actually, it shows that the founder on this Wiki enabled it a couple days ago, but there’s no log of it being turned off, implying that it was off to start with.

The log shows that Chat was turned on, and Chat is indeed on - I can reach it at http://tr.diepio.wikia.com/Special:Chat .

For the Korean and Hungarian wikis, the logs (and our staff tools) show that Chat was never enabled there. Perhaps you're thinking of different wikis?
I thought Chat was supposed to be enabled by default :/
Features in Fandom Labs are not generally enabled by default (but there may have been a period in the past when that was different, and Chat _was_ enabled by default).
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